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Here at 40 Pillars, we strive to create excellent working relationships with our clients to ensure that their strategic plans are created entirely around their needs and requirements. We work closely with our clients, and form great relationships, but don’t take our word, read our testimonials below.


  • Joe has been a very committed, talented and enthusiastic leader in 180 Degrees Consulting at both a branch level and on the Global Leadership Team. He brings great ideas, a lot of energy, and raw ability to the team. He gets along with everyone and is very easy to work with. He is not concerned with titles/positions, but does the work that needs to get done. He has both a strong business knowledge and a strong social awareness. I am very grateful for the enormous contribution Joe has made to 180 Degrees. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with him, and so I have no hesitations in recommending him.

    Nat Ware

    Before I started coaching with Joe, I was struggling to improve my emotional intelligence and business network. Joe helped me identify action steps to move forward. I used self-improvement material for years, but having Joe as my business coach has transformed my efforts from reading 2D words on a page into a 3D view of myself that accelerates my learning. Joe is trained as a coach, marketing consultant, spiritual counselor and lawyer. At first, I was skeptical because it was not obvious how Joe’s experience connects. But it turned out to be a huge asset. His experiences are a unique framework. From that framework, he has provided valuable insights and action steps that my other advisors have missed. Most of all, he gives a damn! To get the value that Joe provides, you would need to hire a team of advisors. I am sticking with Joe.

    Eisaiah (David) Engel

    Serendipitously, our agency was fortunate enough to be found by Joe … indeed, he was an existing customer of ours, as he has his autos insured with our agency. Our relationship quickly evolved into a strong friendship and now Joe is providing our agency with his professional services. With his expertise -- ranging from marketing direction to advertising/recruiting tips and promotional insights -- he shows us how to maximize our resources. Joe is up-to-date with today's social networking environment and his field. His outstanding customer service makes working with him an absolute delight.

    Agency owner
    David Kievman

    "Joe is a wonderful guy to work with. He is innovative, intelligent and chock full of clever ideas. He has an intuitive sense of what the client is looking to accomplish and is skilled at showing them unique ways of achieving their goals."

    Rabbi Adam Jacobs
    Managing Director
    Aish Center, NY

    Joe has a real understanding of internet marketing. His insights and ideas have really helped me. His ability to merge video and social marketing, while still maintaining the core message, is really phenomenal.

    Charlie Harary Esq.

    40 Pillars has been instrumental to the success and growth of by helping us expand our market reach with improvements and additions to our existing marketing services. What impresses me most about Joe Cohen is his innovative approach to branding and business development which has allowed us to reach a larger audience, resulting in an immediate positive impact on our bottom line. I give Joe Cohen and 40 Pillars my highest recommendation to all those looking to drive results and increase productivity. Joe gets the job done!

    Chuck Morrison, Founder

    Joe worked with me to successfully focus my career and business path. He provided insights into the real estate industry and into developing my online presence. Perhaps most importantly, Joe knows how to really listen ─ and uses that strength to provide perspective and direction.

    Jonathan Senker,
    Attorney and commercial real estate broker

    Joe has been a great help so far.  As an owner of the web design company, I thought we were already doing everything we needed to do on the marketing side of things.  But, Joe came along and brought a fresh mind and new ideas to the table.  Since then, we've implemented several of his ideas and seen our sales increase. Joe's guidance and advice far exceeded my expectations.
    Thanks Joe!

    David Nguyen

    As a professional that has diverse elements to my business, I was really not able to focus on one specific goal. Working With Joe has allowed me to develop a focus which allows me to best apply the various elements of my abilities, in a most effective way. I have engaged in other consultations with various individuals who offer similar services, however I have found that what Joe has to offer far surpasses them. Along with the wealth of existing knowledge that Joe displays when discussing ideas, there is a refreshing element of learning which he is apparently always doing. This allows me the confidence to know that with Joe I will always be exposed to the newest information that is out there. Another thing that sets Joe apart is that he maintains a very defined line between your role and his.He maintains a level of respect that lends itself to extreme comfortableness with regard to changing directions,or focus mid stream. My confidence in his direction, and guidance is a result of his dedicated work, and true results, I really suggest to anyone who has hit a brick wall and needs a push, 40 Pillars will make the difference you need to break through.

    Dr. Simcha Y Cohen
    Child clinical Psychologist

    Joe Cohen has provided our non-profit outreach program excellent ideas and direction in maximizing our presence online and in social media. Whether it's the broad strokes of where and how to be communicating our messages or details in how to choose art to go along with our iTunes uploads, Joe has helped us take advantage of new vistas in reaching thousands of new consumers.

    Rabbi Harris