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Serendipitously, our agency was fortunate enough to be found by Joe … indeed, he was an existing customer of ours, as he has his autos insured with our agency. Our relationship quickly evolved into a strong friendship and now Joe is providing our agency with his professional services. With his expertise -- ranging from marketing direction to advertising/recruiting tips and promotional insights -- he shows us how to maximize our resources. Joe is up-to-date with today's social networking environment and his field. His outstanding customer service makes working with him an absolute delight.

Joe has a real understanding of internet marketing. His insights and ideas have really helped me. His ability to merge video and social marketing, while still maintaining the core message, is really phenomenal.

Charlie Harary

40 Pillars has been instrumental to the success and growth of by helping us expand our market reach with improvements and additions to our existing marketing services. What impresses me most about Joe Cohen is his innovative approach to branding and business development which has allowed us to reach a larger audience, resulting in an immediate positive impact on our bottom line. I give Joe Cohen and 40 Pillars my highest recommendation to all those looking to drive results and increase productivity. Joe gets the job done!

Chuck Morrison

As founder and CEO of Binary Solution Test Preparations Inc., I am pleased to recommend to you Joe Cohen. I have worked closely with Joe for about a year and I am very impressed with his work as a consultant to my business.

His interpersonal skills and business sense, due to his experience with a wide range of entrepreneurs, have been invaluable in Binary’s development process and made a significant contribution to our success. During that time he has earned my complete trust and respect because of the professional, honest and friendly way he has dealt with people. His unfailing professionalism and courteous manner underline his value as a genuine friend in business.

Specifically, Joe has provided creative marketing ideas and strategies. He has tailored his method to Binary Solution’s goals, and helped me bring in new customers. His ability to get along with students and professionals of varying ages and backgrounds has been instrumental in expanding my business. On numerous occasions, he has performed in depth research in order to understand the needs of a varied target demographic, and was then able to connect me to a new client base using his charismatic communication abilities. My other colleagues and business partners that came in contact with Joe enjoyed working with him as well, which I believe is indicative of the impression he leaves upon the people with whom he deals.

I can enthusiastically recommend both Joe and his services to your organization.


Eva Lana