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Marketing, Branding & Social Media

We build brands, create effective marketing strategies, and offer a range of communications-related services that will help you tell the world who you really are and what makes you unique.

Your brand is the foundation of your entire business. It gives people an instant impression of what they can expect and should permeate every aspect of your company. As you know, first impressions count. Brand development should be at the heart of your marketing strategy if you want to attract those much-needed customers. Be sure to remember the importance of brand creation if you want to succeed.

Why brand development matters

Brand development matters because, quite simply, it can make or break your business. Think of all the best-known companies out there – they all have specific, memorable brands, and they use it as a way to attract (and keep) customers. Brand development is defining the heart of your business and showing customers what you’re all about. Your brand says a great deal about you before you’ve even attempted to hit them with the sales pitch. You should use your brand to your advantage, but often you’ll need a bit of help in doing so. That’s where brand development services come in.

Marketing Strategies

40 Pillars creates engaging marketing messages and images in a variety of media, so your potential clients really begin to see, hear and grasp how you can improve their world. If you’re struggling for something to say, we will even craft clever marketing copy and content that will captivate and stay with your clients. Allow 40 Pillars to help you get your message across effectively and elegantly.

If you’re interested in exploring the use of social media, we can also help with that too. We’ll guide you through the maze of available sites and platforms, focusing on what works to make the most of these incredibly powerful, useful and cost-effective channels.

Here at 40 Pillars Consulting, our business experts are ready to offer advice on every aspect of making your company or organization more efficient. You will become, therefore, more successful than your competitors. The business world is always a tough place, and never more than right at this moment when we are all looking for ways to make sure our company stands out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to do this is to take advice on tailor made marketing solutions which will help to get your message across to your customers, and perhaps more important, to the potential customers who so far have eluded you.