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Life and Career Coaching

Our lives are not comprised of only one journey, but, in fact, many voyages that together, lead to our ultimate destiny and fulfillment. Our challenge in life is to set the right course at each life stage, and know when and how to correct the course if an unexpected event happens.

If you want meaningful changes in your life but don’t know where to begin, coaching could be your answer. Coaching is a powerful discipline that guides you through the process of discovery, goal setting and action to help you realize and capitalize on your hidden potential. Together, we will disempower your self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and develop an action plan to get you on achieving your longstanding goals.

My experience in sales and executive management positions with organizations has given me a unique, cross cultural perspective into the dynamics of personal development and professional success.

My varied life experiences have enabled me to have an open-minded approach to provide the attitude, mindset and skills needed to empower others to create the results they want.

I have more than 10 years of accumulated experience in personal development, sales, marketing and coaching. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to study and mentor with leading industry life coach’s experts and trainers.

My intention and goal as a professional personal coach is to help you get focused on what you want; learn and discover the best way for you to move forward; and create the results and success you desire in your personal and/or professional life.

Mission Statement

To support and lead people to a point where they can make significant changes in their personal and professional lives.

To assist people in achieving consistent results in the most important areas of their lives.

To inspire others through the work I love, and guide them toward becoming more resourceful and developing their true potential.

To help influence the development of individuals and organizations, I pledge myself to a process of ongoing learning and feedback, so that together we can seek a deeper sense of fulfillment and balance, that comes from a journey guided by purpose, growth and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching is not therapy, although therapy is extremely helpful and valuable for some individuals. Coaching is for those that are 40 Pillarsted to change their situation and are future-focused. Therapy concentrates on unraveling past events and wounds that are impacting your current state-of-mind. Coaching is more action-oriented and focuses on where you are today and how to reach your goals.  With a coach, you will develop tactics to break down current unproductive, self-sabotaging behaviors and perceptions, (of yourself and others). You will then be free to courageously start taking steps towards your desired future. Coaching proceeds further with the coach and client collaborating on an action plan to achieve the stated goals. The coach will then hold the client accountable to that mutually agreed upon plan. The plan can be adjusted, if necessary, to ensure that it continues to direct the client towards the desired goal.

What are some typical issues for which people seek coaching?

Career related:

    • Networking
    • Career Trajectory Design
    • Career Transition
    • Mock interviews
    • Resume review
    • Body Language
    • Smart questions to ask on an interview and how to answer them.
    • How to use LinkedIn and other social mediums to assist in your job search.


    • Accountability partner
    • Implementing tactics to recover after a relationship break-up
    • Improving professional performance
    • Filling a void in your life, finding fulfilment
    • Recovering and re-building after losing a job
    • Ending self-sabotaging behaviours
    • Create a plan of action
    • Crystallize Goals
    • Leadership Development

Who is a candidate for coaching?

Coaching is for those individuals who are at a crossroads in life; whether it is professionally or personally. They know a change is needed to move forward to be happier and more fulfilled, but they haven’t been able to act upon it. To make coaching effective, the individual must be open to considering new perspectives and strategies and must be ready to take bold action (not just talk about it) in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

How long does coaching take?

Coaching does not accomplish everything immediately, although significant progress can be made in one session. Depending on the topic, coaching can take a couple of sessions to tackle a short-term goal, or it can take longer if the goal is major and/or you are less clear about your desires. In that case, it can take a few sessions to determine what you want and why you have yet to achieve it. We will explore what historically have been your obstacles, both external and self-inflicted, and how they can be approached differently to finally overcome them. The pace at which progress is made is entirely up to you.